Corals @ Keppel Bay where you least expect them: in the sea

Keppel Land has led the transformation of Singapore's landscape, with unique living solutions designed for a more sustainable future. From eco-friendly residences that encourage both residents and nature to live as one. To offices built for a live-work-play lifestyle, with space for urban farming. Now Keppel Land breaks new ground, as the first private developer to build homes for marine life to ensure a thriving ecosystem.

Corals @ Keppel Bay has just furnished a beautiful home. Take a photo tour to make sense luxurious showflat.

Corals Cultivation Goes Beyond Corals

Just as we need homes to live in, marine life needs corals to thrive. Which is why we've taken the initiative to cultivate corals in King's Dock at Keppel Bay. This contributes not only to marine conservation efforts in Singapore, but as we promote the growth of corals, we promote the sustainability of Earth's largest life support system—the marine environment, which when healthy generates half of the oxygen we breathe and 97% of the water we need. It's a small step today for a better tomorrow.

Marine Life Surrounded by Corals at Keppel Bay

With a heritage site like King’s Dock, steeped in history and filled with marine flora and fauna, it was important that we conserve it. But we did more than just that, we also cultivated corals so existing marine life have better homes. All this is part of our vision to transform Keppel Bay area into a pristine marine life sanctuary.


Picture of King's Dock in the 1990s. King's Dock was the second largest dock in the world when it opened on 26 August 1913.


Now, King’s Dock is a designated conservation site, which will become a sanctuary for marine life surrounded by Corals at Keppel Bay, a premium waterfront residence.

Corals @ Keppel Bay - A Sea Of Life

During our corals cultivation site survey, we found Keppel Bay and King’s Dock teeming with life. Besides corals, a vibrant aquatic community, including butterflyfish, common seahorse and even sea urchins, reside here. The threatened Tiger Tail Seahorse is also a regular visitor. With more corals serving as homes, we can look forward to increasing the underwater biodiversity at Keppel Bay..

The Wonderful Adventure Of Carol @ Keppel Bay, Illustrated

Did you know that finding a safe underwater haven to call home is a young coral larvae's main goal in life? Once settled into their home, adult corals are immobile and therefore dependent on the surrounding habitat for survival.

Life in the sea can be full of surprises. And what better way to teach your children about the fascinating underwater ecosystem, than from the colourful pages of a picture book? For a glimpse into the life of a young coral larvae.

Corals @ Keppel Bay and Other Conservation Efforts

In addition to preserving a heritage site, and enhancing diversity of marine life, future residents of Corals at Keppel Bay can look forward to a deeper appreciation for Singapore’s marine biodiversity. Explore our other conservation efforts for residential and commercial properties.


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